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Critical Illness And Life Insurance

Advancements in medical treatments mean that more people are living after being diagnosed with a critical illness. A critical illness life policy usually covers core illnesses such as heart attack, organ transplant, kidney failure and cancer.

You must read the terms and conditions that come with the protection to ensure you know what is covered in the policy you are considering. You would also have to be aware that there are certain exclusions, for example the severity of the heart attack would be taken into account.

County to Consider Replacing Insurance Carrier

After learning that it won't fulfill its obligations and that it may cost district taxpayers millions of dollars, the county of El Paso Texas and one of its school districts are taking into consideration replacing their health insurance administrator.

This year both officials of Ysleta Independent School District and the county, hired Foresight TPA as their third-party health administrator, and have both begun steps to replace Foresight TPA.

Insurance News: QPC Study Reports That Men Are the More Dangerous Drivers

The ISO company that validates policyholder information for auto insurers, Quality Planning, has made known proprietary findings that show dramatic differences as regards the number and type of traffic violations received by men as opposed to women. The findings indicate that, with regard to traffic laws, women are much better at observing them than men, and that those laws designed to safeguard people and property are the laws that are more frequently violated by men.

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